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Name & Birth : Shu Matsushima 1971

Blood Type & Nationality :A Japan

Height & Weight :170cm 79kg

Family & Address :Wife Asao - ku Kawasaki - city Kanagawa

Qualification :
Japan Data Communications Association Digital Data Class 3, Driver’s License, Motorcycle Drivers License till 400cc, Information Technology Passport Examination, Forklift Operation

Hobby :
Desktop Music, Travel, Character Production, Snorkel, Leather Products Production

How did I get into this business ?

One day in year 2000, my friend mentioned about an American family living in Japan. The family was looking for an English and Japanese bilingual person who can help them with living in Japan. I contracted the family immediately after my friend mentioned about the family. They owned three buildings. They called me almost every day for help! Helping with things such as procedure of the city hall, taking care of a kid and dog, fixing electric appliance, shopping, cleaning, changing of wallpaper, catching a rat in a trap and so on. At the end, I even went to the United State to drive them from the Orange County, California to Arizona! After the driving task, I returned Japan safely and I thought I really want to help foreign people living in Japan! That’s how I started my business.

Benlyman Career

Support of Living in Japan

Support of Paperwork in the City Hall

Taking a Dog to the Walk

Tourist Guide

Trouble Consultation

Companion to Talk with and so on

Private Teacher

Instructing supplementary lessons in Japanese public elementary and junior high school


Instruction of the PC

Adbe Illustrator , Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver

How to Make a Website

Microsoft Word, Excele, Powerpoint


PC Trouble Shooting ( Desktop, Laptop)

In-Home Switch

Electric Appliance Cord Disconnection

Washing Dryer (Rotary Belt Exchange )

Washing Machine ( Cord Disconnection )

Guitar Multiple Effecter ( Contact damage )

Printer for PC ( Paper becomes dirty and so on )

Water Leak of the Air-Conditioner

Sewing on the Button and so on

My Main Professional Experience

Japan Air Self-Defence Force

Professional Boxer

Tuna Fishman

Support Center Staff of DELL and Microsoft

The Stage Art Production Staff

Salesman of IT Industry

Manager of Computer Parts Center Fujitsu Limited

Interpreter and Security for Japanese Client in France, Spain, and Italy

Bridge of Japan and China to make a new product

Teacher of IT Academy

Benlyman for American family support of living in Japan